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Mistakes To Avoid When Applying For Placements

There are common mistakes that many candidates make when they are applying for placements. Some of these blunders are unintentional but you only have one shot at making that positive and strong first impression. That will come as an advantage or pitfall to the final decision of your potential employers. Here are some common mistakes to watch out for and avoid when you apply for your next placement.

Not sending out enough applications
It is a wise decision if you feel like you want to apply for as many placements as possible. This does not mean that if you want to have a finance internship in Singapore, you can apply for PR as well. Stay within the area of your focus but apply for as many placements that match your resume. You do not have to count on your top three favourite organizations only. Even in daily life, it is always good to have a plan b, therefore apply the same rule here and be strategic in your planning. Unless you try you will never know which placement is the ideal one for you, therefore do not get tunnel-vision and be open minded.

Using the same CV and cover letter for each application
This one is a very common mistake and honestly, it is the product of laziness. If you carefully read though the applications and job vacancies advertised, you will see that each organization looks for a unique set of requirements. Therefore just because your resume and cover letter has been tailor made to fit a internship in Hong Kong  do not simply copy and paste. Add a twist to it depending on the research that you have done about the employer. Make you cover letter professional, but also make sure that the person reading it notices that you have put in effort to write it. Convince them that you are the ideal candidate for the placement and that you have done your homework on the company as well.

Not being thorough with your language
This is another one of those awful lazy mistakes that will cost you your chances of ever getting shortlisted. The first step when an HR executive picks up your resume is to scan through it for basic language and appearance. If you have grammar mistakes and your resume looks all over the place, it will not make it any further in the selection process. Think from the point of view of the company. Will you want to hire somebody who could not be bothered to correct their resume? Then why would you think anybody else would want to? It is also a great idea to get a parent or friend d take a look through your resume and cover letter to make sure that you get an outsider perspective as well.

Not editing your social media
While social media is a great way of communicating, networking and having fun, your employers can also browse through your profile to get a bit of additional information about your personality. If there is any inappropriate content, even though you feel that it is unfair, it may cost you your chance at landing the job.

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